Static - This Morning Without Waking 7"

by Static



Having already deposited the beautiful 'Re: Talking About Memories' into the collective consiousness-bank late last year, Hanno Leichtmann (aka Static) has found the time to contribute a couple of beauties to the Earsugar 7" series. And you know what? They couldn't be any sweeter had they come on edible, candy-cane striped vinyl. Opening with 'This Morning Without Waking', Static weaves a skeletal magic; as a snowfall of crisp beats frost the breath of clattering percussion, noir-esque synth strings and rubbery analogue emmisions. Playful without becoming flippant, 'This Morning...' suceeds where many have failed; by puncutring the oft po-faced exterior of electronica to produce a buoyant and fizzing quilt-cover comprised of the finest digital lace. Or something... On the back, 'Searchingly' is another smudge of electronic goodness, wherein Leichtmann chooses to up the percussive quota and in doing so create an oddly meloncholic tone.


released June 20, 2015

originally released by EARSUGAR RECORDS


all rights reserved


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